Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cinema's arch nemesis - the weather.

It is said that cinema has many enemies - illegal downloads, people texting, talking and generally behaving badly. The expensive prices, the (occasional) out of focus projection - the poor food, dreadful service (need I go on?). This is before we actually begin to discuss the films themselves with their ill-concieved plotlines, their belief that 3D can fix everything and their ridiculous running times (no Katherine Heigl should be allowed, by law if necessary, to run over 93 minutes).

However all this is small change compared to something we all welcome. Something we hope for - something we spend all winter anticipating. It is the good old British Summer. So sun-starved are we that the moment the rain stops (we don't even wait for the sun to shine anymore) we strip off, apply cooking oil, and head anywhere except the local cinema.

Films that have spent years in production and a couple of hundred million quid being made are ignored in favour of preventing a vitamin D deficiency and turning bright red in a beer garden, that has lain unused for the previous 355 days.

Cinema-going is a very fickle business. You really want to see a film until a friend tells you it's not that good and you lose interest completely. A film by a favourite actor, writer, director may be abandoned in favour of one that is starting just as you arrive - regardless of the fact you don't really like who's in it or fancy the story.

Of course, as film lovers we are different. We like the challenge - we actively seek out films in cinemas we like (rather than at the multiplex), will import dvds of films that never got released here and like to think we will go and see a film regardless of the climate.

The irony is the longer the sun shines the more people will soak it up and ignore everything cinema. The fear is that if they head indoors, the sun will huff and they will come out blinking into the darkness like those kids at the end of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

If you don't believe me, get yourself off to the local multiplex while the sun's still shining and see Thor - chances are you'll have the cinema to yourself.

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